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 MMM-2011 –

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PostSubject: MMM-2011 –   Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:24 am

From the founder of Stock Generation!
The longest and the most famous hyip in the Internet!
The new system which will transform all the well-established bases in the world of hyip industry and earnings!
МММ-2011 – Financial Social Network
up to 60 per month! Growth of funds up to 280 times per year!
Choose any electronic payment system or bank. From any country!
Keep your Money at your account!
The referral bonus - 20%
The lottery which has got 2000 winners every week!
20 dollars as a present to everybody in the moment of his/her registration!
You don’t have to invest!
It’s enough just to get registered.
And you are receiving the gaining already!
There are no any obligatory invitations, obligatory payments or limits to the Money withdrawing!
You just sit and watch you gaining growing!
That never happened before!

I-MMM. COM is a global project which is being developed through the web, basically.
The system MMM-2011 is a lot like a financial structured social network.
Fact of the matter is the next: by “buying” MMM-dollars the participants get the gaining from 20% to 60% per month. All the participants are structured− or being divided (automatically by the system or by the participants themselves) into tens, hundreds, thousandы etc. Each ten is led by ten’s manager, hundred is led by hundred’s manager and each thousand is headed by thousand’s manager (chosen from the same participants). You don´t have to transfer your money anywhere. All the money is kept at the participant´s personal account in any bank or electronic payment system he chose.
No companies, firms, commercials! Just another social network.
The participants provide and make all payments one to another. The participant apply for payments to the ten’s manger and so he makes a payment form ten’s common funds. If there isn’t enough money to do that he applies to hundred´s manager who can bring into play the funds of another tens. If hundred’s manager is lack of money, too, he applies to thousand’s manager etc.
The system doesn’t earn money by itself and works without getting an income. So that’s why it can be considered as a totally legal instrument:
-System functions in the Internet.
-It doesn’t have any offices or subdivisions.
-There is no company which organizes the System.
-All the participants are being notified when register about the fact there are no any external incomes.
-All the funds are divided by the participant themselves. And they make payments to each other to their personal accounts.
-There are no any transistorized or accumulative accounts. The money is distributed by the participants across the world. Nobody even touches the money except them.
-In the matter of fact, the participants organize the system themselves.
The web page per se doesn’t produce any calculations or operations with money. Te registration doesn’t imply your funds would be blocked! All the operations are executed by you personally and only basing on your agreement with the rest of participants of the System.
A regular one – 20% per month
A deposit for 3 months – 30% per month
A deposit for a half year– 40% per month
A deposit for one year – 50 % per month
+ 10% per month to all the plans, if you are ten’s, hundred’s or thousand’s manager.
Withdrawal Type: Manual. The withdraw from any plan can be realized anytime.
Min: 1$
Max: 5000 MMM–dollars
Referral Commission: Up to 20% (first level - 20%, second level - 10%)
Accepted currencies: all the types of payment systems and banks of any country.
Bonus from the system: 20$ to your account right after the registration, without investing your own funds. You can withdraw it in two weeks and transfer it to your personal bank account. Or you can buy some MMM-dollars with it.

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MMM-2011 –
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